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Active Membership

Membership in the IAAI qualifies the individual member for active membership in the Iowa chapter, subject to the approval of the Chapter Board of Directors.

Any representative of government or a government agency or any representative of a business or industrial concern who is engaged in some phase of the suppression of arson at the time he/she makes application shall be eligible to active membership in appropriate section, on application, provided such person possesses the other qualification for membership, in the discretion of the Membership Committee and provided such person is not less than 18 years of age at the time he/she makes application.

Associate Membership

Associate membership in the IAAI qualifies the individual member for associate membership in the Iowa chapter, subject to the approval of the Chapter Board and/or Membership Committee. Persons not qualified for active membership may become associate members, after determination of their qualifications by the Membership Committee.

All applicants for active or associate membership, if accepted, will be on a temporary status until the next meeting of the Board of Directors. During this temporary status period, a person’s membership may be revoked at the discretion of the Board of Directors. If the application is not rejected by the “Board” at their next board meeting, full membership is automatically granted.

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary life membership in the IAAI qualifies the individual for honorary life membership in the Chapter, subject to approval of the Iowa Chapter Board. The Association may, by a majority vote of members present at the annual meeting, confer honorary life membership upon any person qualified for membership who has rendered distinctive service to the Association or its purposes. An honorary life member shall have the rights and privileges of an active member without payment of dues. Nominations for honorary life membership shall be made to the Board at least thirty (30) days prior to voting thereon; no more than two (2) nominations for such memberships may be approved in any year.

Sustaining Membership

Individuals or organizations interested in carrying out the purposes of the Association shall be granted sustaining membership upon contribution of not less than One Hundred Fifty  Dollars ($150.00) annually. All such funds shall be devoted to the education functions of the Iowa Chapter.

Associate/Sustaining Membership Privileges

Associate and sustaining members shall have the privileges of an active member, except voting and holding office. The Association may, by majority vote of the active members present, exclude associate and sustaining members from any particular business meeting.

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