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Support David Bridges for 2017 IAAI Board of Directors

February 21, 2017 In Articles, News

This is to ask you to support my candidacy to the International Association of Arson Investigators’ (IAAI) Board of Directors in 2017. In April 2016, I was honored to be nominated by Randy Watson, current IAAI Director and Chairman of the NFPA’s Technical Committee on Fire Investigations. 2017 Bridges IAAI BoD Bio 2017 Bridges IAAI BoD letter

Support Jim Kuticka for 2017 IAAI Board of Directors

February 13, 2017 In Articles, News

Jim Kuticka is an Iowa Chapter IAAI member and currently on the Board of Directors for the International.  Jim is seeking re-election to the Board of Directors and is asking Iowa Chapter members to cast a vote for him in the IAAI election.  Please see the following documents regarding Jim Kuticka’s campaign for the 2017 Board of Directors. 2017 Kuticka IAAI Presidents letter Jim Kuticka_2017IAAIAD

Fire Threats from Sky Lantern’s

July 6, 2014 In Articles, Training

The summer fire season is upon us, and the dangers of uncontrolled fires increase in the wildland urban interface and in neighborhoods where dry vegetation vulnerability is high. While we commonly regulate outdoor fires, smoking and other ignition sources through the model fire codes, sky lanterns are another potential threat to cause unintended ignitions in these vegetated areas. While beautiful in flight — as shown on a variety of television advertisements — they create a threat since they contain uncontrolled fire sources left literally to the vagaries of wind and terrain. Also known as kongming lanterns, wish lanterns, sky candles, or fire balloons, sky lanterns consist of a paper or fabric balloon that traps heated air produced by an open...

Keeping Your Home Safe!

March 29, 2013 In Articles

The arrival of spring is a great time to remember and practice the following fire safety tips: Check all smoke detectors in your home and replace the batteries inside them Make sure all windows and doors on your home open easily and as far as they were designed to do Ensure your address is clearly visible from the street If you’re putting away holiday decorations, take time to check light strands or extension cords for damage. If you find any damage, throw them away to prevent an accident next holiday season Discuss and practice fire escape plans with all family members to ensure everyone will know what to do should a fire happen in your home. Outdoor cooking grills cause more than 6,000 fires...