Fire Findings Dryer Fires and Residential Electricity for Fire Investigators

June 22, 2015 In Training

September 22-25, 2015 (Back to Back classes)

Sanderson Dryer Fire and Residential Electricity

Fire Findings’ experts, who have conducted extensive testing and examined more than 1,000 dryers, discuss how gas and electric dryers differ, the relationship of components and the importance of the timer, limits, thermostats and centrifugal switches. They’ll also review dryer cycles, gas-burner safety features, air movement through a dryer, anticipated failure modes and case studies.

This Fall 2015 training session is intended to provide you with hands-on practical experience with wiring residential systems and a better understanding of how electricity can cause fires.
We’ll examine how electricity gets to homes, how it’s transformed and distributed through a structure and how electrical fires occur. We’ll also discuss circuit protection in a structure, how to use the electrical system to determine the origin of a fire and what to look for to help rule out (or rule in) electrical fire causations.