Keeping Your Home Safe!

March 29, 2013 In Articles

The arrival of spring is a great time to remember and practice the following fire safety tips:

  • Check all smoke detectors in your home and replace the batteries inside them
  • Make sure all windows and doors on your home open easily and as far as they were designed to do
  • Ensure your address is clearly visible from the street
  • If you’re putting away holiday decorations, take time to check light strands or extension cords for damage. If you find any damage, throw them away to prevent an accident next holiday season
  • Discuss and practice fire escape plans with all family members to ensure everyone will know what to do should a fire happen in your home.

Outdoor cooking grills cause more than 6,000 fires annually in the United States. Most charcoal grill fires are the result of hot embers falling on wood decks or being too close to buildings during use, while the majority of gas grill fires are caused by tank leaks, blocked tubes or being too close to buildings during use. As the weather starts to get nice, outdoor grills will start getting used more frequently. Make sure your grill is in proper working condition and be sure to only use them a safe distance away from combustible materials and buildings.