January 11, 2013: Minutes

January 11, 2013 In Minutes

I. Call to Order

The monthly meeting of Officers and Directors of the Iowa Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators was called to order by President Crooks at 10:05 AM by conference call.

II. Roll Call

Roll call of Officers and Directors:

Mark Crooks – President –Present
John Grier – 1st Vice President –Present
Becky Nelson- 2nd Vice President- Present
Paul O’Connell – Secretary/Treasurer – Present
Greg Siembieda – Director of Investigation – Excused
Zach Spykerman – Director of Insurance – Present
David May – Director of Prosecution – Present
Jeff Haler – Director of Detection – Present
Jeff Hutcheson – Director at Large, West – Present
Andrew Burken – Director at Large, East – Excused

III. Secretary/Treasurers Report

1. Minutes:  Motion to accept from 12/14/12 by Grier, 2nd by May

2. Finances: $23,600.81 in checking account. $15,873.99 in CD’s. When CD’s come to term, they will be transferred to US Bank.  Motion to accept financials by Hutcheson, 2nd by Spykerman.

IV Officer and Board Reports

1. President Crooks

2. 1st Vice President Grier

3. 2nd Vice President Nelson

a. New fillable forms for new applicants and scholarship have been formatted and sent to both Siembieda and O’Connell.  Siembieda to have them added to the new webpage.

4. Dir. Prosecution May

a. New Facebook page is up- IAAI Iowa Chapter.  Looking for content to add to it.

5. Dir. At-Large West Hutchison

6. Dir. At-Large East Burken

7. Dir. Detection Haler

8. Dir. Insurance Spykerman

V. 2013 Conference

1. Instructor, Steve Carmen, is available for the date that was requested to teach Ventilated and Elevated Fires on the 2nd day for morning and afternoon sessions.  Discussion on the two track training for new and experienced investigators.  This “Back to Basics” class will only be one day and dependent on interest.  Hutcheson will contact SFM Agent Ticer of his interest in teaching this class.

2. Laboratory presentation to the 3rd day in the afternoon and Negative Corpus class by David Bridges in the morning

3. Defense attorney out of Kansas City will teach on Friday morning.

4. Tuesday night class is looking to be about “Report Writing”.

VI. 2014 Conference

1. No new information

VII. Committees

1. Financial Review- O’Connell has been in touch with Jon Augustus and Seth for audit and other end of year tax paperwork.

2. CFI- Hutchison- nothing new.

3. Historian- nothing new.

4. Website- nothing new.

5. Facebook- May has the new Facebook page up and going.  Looking for pictures and content to place on it.

6. Constitution/By-laws- Submit changes to the committee.  Hutchison will submit an article for Firefax.  Discussed if the By-laws should mention that the board and directors are exempt from seminar fee.

7. Membership- O’Connell-

a. Two new member applications were brought forth among the Board and Directors during the meeting: Lee DeVries from EFI Global and Jason Hansen from Marion FD.  Motion by Nelson to accept both as members into Iowa Chapter IAAI.  2nd by Hutcheson.  Motion passed.  Secretary/Treasurer O’Connell will contact both.

b. O’Connell has reviewed the spreadsheet of current members and after speaking with many about updating emails, found that 7 members will not be in 2013.  61 members have not paid dues for 2012 and O’Connell will work on contacting them.

c. Looking to get new membership within Iowa.  O’Connell has received a spreadsheet of all Iowa Fire Departments from the IFSTB.  Randy Novak advised it would be better to mail instead of email the information as emails change frequently among the small departments.  Hutcheson brought up the IFSTB sends out packets regularly to the Iowa FD’s and could we tag onto that.  O’Connell will get with Randy and report back.

d. Hutcheson mentioned about having a booth at Iowa Fire School and speaking at the 2 week Arson class in March.  Hutcheson would contact Randy at IFSTB.

8. Scholarship- Grier mentioned the new application will be on the new web page and is fillable online.  It’s been sent to Siembieda.

9. Training- Spykerman- Quad City training still going to be 3rd week in May.

VIII. Old Business- none

IX. New Business- none

X. Good of the Chapter

1. 1033 class brought up and SFM Reynolds is looking for it to be in the metro.  Class is 2 days and is around $500.

2. The Des Moines area group, MAFIT, is looking to conduct an Arson class for County Attorneys.  The Board thought this would be a great idea.  O’Connell will bring more information to the group as it becomes available.

3. There is a new canine in SE Iowa, handled by the SFM Office.

XI. Adjournment

1. The next meeting will be on February 8, 2013, at 10:00 AM in Ankeny at DCI lab.

2. Motion by Dir. Haler to adjourn at 10:40 am.  2nd by Dir. Hutcheson.  Motion unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul O’Connell
Iowa Chapter IAAI Inc.