December 14th, 2012 : Minutes

December 14, 2012 In Minutes

I. Call to Order

The monthly meeting of Officers and Directors of the Iowa Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators was called to order by President Crooks at 10:17 AM at the DCI Crime Lab, Ankeny, Iowa.

II. Roll Call

Roll call of Officers and Directors:

Mark Crooks – President –Present
John Grier – 1st Vice President –Present
Becky Nelson- 2nd Vice President- Excused
Paul O’Connell – Secretary/Treasurer – Present
Greg Siembieda – Director of Investigation – Present
Zach Spykerman – Director of Insurance – Present
David May – Director of Prosecution – Present
Jeff Haler – Director of Detection – Excused
Jeff Hutcheson – Director at Large, West – Present via Phone Conference
Andrew Burken – Director at Large, East – Present
Dennis Chapman- Past President- Present

III. Secretary/Treasurers Report

1. Minutes:  Motion to accept from 11/09/12 by Burken, 2nd by Siembieda

2. Finances: $23,600.81 in both checking accounts.  When CD’s come to term, they will be transferred to US Bank.

3. Postcards have been sent out to update membership of new mailing address.  Only two have been returned of wrong addresses.

4. PayPal: Siembieda wants to leave on the agenda for the future and deal with new Website Company.

IV Officer and Board Reports

1. President Crooks

a. A 1033 class will be put on in the area for the State Fire Marshal’s Office and there will be openings for others.

b. Met with Zack and Quad City Fire Marshal’s about setting up Live Burn Cells for training in May 2013.

2. 1st Vice President Grier

a. Been in contact with a couple of speakers for the 2013 Seminar.

3. 2nd Vice President Nelson

4. Dir. Prosecution May

5. Dir. At-Large West Hutchison

a. In cooperation with Donan Engineering, will work on a Lunch ‘n Learn for the west side of the state.

b. Sent Becky an article for FireFax.

6. Dir. At-Large East Burken

a. Discussed about the meeting with Quad City Fire Marshal’s and Zack for Live Burns in May 2013.

7. Dir. Detection Haler

8. Dir. Insurance Spykerman

a.  Appears the Quad City FM’s want Grinnell Mutual or IAAI to teach and/or lead the class and Live Burns in May.

b. Looks to be a 2 day class wanting some basic stuff along with hands-on that can be video taped for additional trainings.

c.  The dates that are being looked at for the training will be May 22 and 23 at the Davenport Training Center.  Could be a 50-60 person class to also include Grinnell Mutual adjusters and other IAAI members.

V. 2013 Conference

1. 1st VP Grier handed out an initial schedule of speakers.  See attached sheet.

2. Instructor, Steve Carmen, is available for the date that was requested to teach Ventilated and Elevated Fires on the 2nd day for morning and afternoon sessions.  His cost will be $1500 plus travel expenses.

3. Discussion on the two track training for new and experienced investigators.  It was discussed to have a pre-registration for the “Back to Basics” portion of the seminar for new investigators and hold the registrants to it.  Need a minimum number of participants to hold the session.  Will look to do this part at the IFSTB with some burn cells.

4. Discussed to move the Laboratory presentation to the 3rd day in the afternoon and have a Report Writing/Documentation class in the morning.

5. Grier is waiting to hear back from the Defense attorney out of Kansas City and discussed to move her class to Friday morning.

6. There is a need to fill one more class for Tuesday night.  Dir. Hutcheson will reach out to his contact about Solar Energy or MidAmerican for this night and report back in January.

VI. 2014 Conference

1. No new information

VII. Committees

1. Financial Review- O’Connell has been in touch with Jon Augustus and Seth for audit and other end of year tax paperwork.

2. CFI- Hutchison- Spykerman to complete CFI this year.

3. Historian- Membership down a little.  Waiting on Website to get updated

4. Website- Siembieda and Nelson met with Webspec about the new page and its functionality.  Passwords have been changed and payment made for Domain name and current site is back up.  New page will be created and old one will be dropped.  The proposal is slightly higher than originally thought at $3000.  We will have the ability to update the site, enter meeting minutes, calendar events and photos.  Webspec will be the only company overseeing the site.  A monthly cost of $20 to have the site hosted by Webspecs server. Dir. Hutchison expressed concern if there was in the proposal for the ability of IA Chapter IAAI to back out and the site is still our.  There is a page in the proposal that states that we own the site and can back out of the company who designed it.

5. Facebook- Siembieda brought up the Director May has been working with getting a Facebook page up and going.  Sec/Treas O’Connell discussed about speaking with Network Solutions, who is who has our Domain Name, mentioned they can start a FB page and reach out to others in the state involved with Police, Fire, Attorneys, Insurances, etc.. to gain more recognition of IAAI and get more members.  Discussion was to let May continue what he is doing and primary concern is to get the Website up and working.  There was a motion by 1st VP Grier to accept the proposal from Webspec to pay $3000 to initiate a new Web Page for Iowa Chapter IAAI.  2nd by Dir. Burken.  All members voted in favor and motion passed.

6. Constitution/By-laws- Submit changes to the committee

7. Membership- O’Connell- Two new members will be voted on in the January meeting: Lee DeVries from EFI Global and Jason Hansen from Marion FD.

8. Scholarship- New application will be on the new web page.

VIII. Old Business- none

IX. New Business

1. Joint conference with NASFM (National Association of State Fire Marshal’s) for 2015

a. IA State FM Reynolds invited to meeting but could not make it.  Tabled until January

2. Ron Humphrey from IA State FM Office came and spoke of the 1033 class that is going to be put on.

a. Robert Tofth from IRIS Fire Investigations will be putting on the class.

b. Cost is looking to be about $500 per student for the 2 day class.

c. Looking at the IFSTB for the location of the class and to be in the spring.  April was suggested by Board members to stay away from the 2 week arson class In March and the International IAAI seminar in May.

d. Looking for the IA Chapter IAAI to help sponsor.

e. He will have more information before the next meeting involving logistics and costs.

X. Good of the Chapter

1. Would like to see our partnership with Columbia Southern advertised on the new website.

2. Hutcheson added that IAAI stuff has been or will be mentioned on the new TV show “Chicago Fire”.

XI. Adjournment

1. The next meeting will be on January 11, 2013, at 10:00 AM.  The decision was made to do a conference call for the meeting.  1st VP Grier is going to look into the “Go To Meeting” option for the conference call and get back with the Board before hand.

2. Motion by Dir. Siembieda to adjourn at 11:49 am.  2nd by Dir. Burken.  Motion unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul O’Connell
Iowa Chapter IAAI Inc.