November 9th, 2012: Minutes

November 9, 2012 In Minutes

I. Call to Order

The monthly meeting of Officers and Directors of the Iowa Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators was called to order by President Crooks at 10:10 AM at the DCI Crime Lab, Ankeny, Iowa.

II. Roll Call

Roll call of Officers and Directors:

Mark Crooks – President –Present
John Grier – 1st Vice President –Present via phone conference
Becky Nelson- 2nd Vice President- Present
Paul O’Connell – Secretary/Treasurer – Present
Greg Siembieda – Director of Investigation – Excused
Zach Spykerman – Director of Insurance – Present
David May – Director of Prosecution – Present
Jeff Haler – Director of Detection – Present
Jeff Hutcheson – Director at Large, West – Present
Andrew Burken – Director at Large, East – Excused
Dennis Chapman- Past President- Present

III. Secretary/Treasurers Report

1. Minutes:  Motion to accept from 9/21/12 by Spykerman

2. New Bank Account and PO Box have been established

3. Past President Van Vleet still may have old account bank card.  Sec/Treas will contact him for new contact information and for card to be destroyed

4. Finances: $19,414.86 in checking

5. New members: None

IV Officer and Board Reports

1. President Crooks

a. Past President Van Vleet has been forwarding emails to him

b. Signed contract with Columbia Southern University

2. 1st Vice President Grier – Nothing new

3. 2nd Vice President Nelson

a. Working with O’Connell on a fillable online membership card to email out to members and they can print if they want

b. Officers change approved by the International

c. Advertised  our next conference with the International

d. Send “change of address” postcards to membership

e. Will post the new address in Firefax

f. John Grier is up for next Firefax article.  Will email out the quarterly Firefax article list

4. Dir. Prosecution May

a. Discussion on Computer Forensics- will work with Hutchison

b. Discussed current case in Federal Court in Polk County

5. Dir. At-Large West Hutchison

a. In cooperation with Donan Engineering, will work on a Lunch ‘n Learn for the west side of the state.

b. Nelson mentioned we should be having Lunch ‘n Learn’s every quarter

6. Dir. At-Large East Burken

a. Working with Quad City Fire Association for Burn Cell training in April/May 2013

b. Quad City Fire Marshal’s to have training on sprinklers

c. Past Pres. Clark mentioned that Grinnell FD is interested in hosting a Lunch ‘n Learn this winter.  Clark will email Burken about this.

7. Dir. Detection Haler

a. Has pictures on CD from seminar.  Given to O’Connell

b. Received an email from “176 Keys” requesting any pics from the seminar.  Board determined that too much trouble to get releases signed.

8. Dir. Insurance Spykerman

a.  Looking to see if the Iowa Chapter was again interested in co-sponsoring a staff training for Grinnell Mutual. Motion by Hutchison for Iowa Chapter to co-sponsor a Spring and Fall 2013 training through Grinnell Mutual.  2nd by O’Connell. Passed.

b. Export Witness Testimony Class.  Kenkel is helping to set up for Spring 2013.  Initial costs will be for paying for the moderator.  Once this is done and a couple    members are trained, costs will be minimal for future trainings.

c.  Hutchison mentioned the International has five (5) expert classes planned for Spring 2013.

V. 2012 Conference

1.  Positives

a. Speakers were very impressionable

b. Discussion on the two track training for new and experienced investigators.  It was discussed to have a pre-registration for the “Back to Basics” portion of the seminar for new investigators and hold the registrants to it.  Need a minimum number of participants to hold the session.  Will look to do this part at the IFSTB with some burn cells.

2. Negatives

a. Cold weather

b. Water pitchers were always left empty

3. Hotel Bill paid- $9,042.64

VI. 2013 Conference

1. 1st  Vice President Grier overseeing this conference to be held in Ames

2. Clark mentioned that he has the signed contract for 2013 seminar.  O’Connell now has in file.

3. Ideas that were discussed for classes: Split-track for new and experienced investigators, Report writing/documentation, Defense Lawyer, 921/1033, Cellulose, Elevated and Ventilated Fires, Chemist, Roles of the Private/Public Investigator

4. Grier will check on contacts for a few of these ideas

VII. 2014 Conference

1. 2nd Vice President Nelson overseeing the conference

2. Proposal from WDM Marriott has been revised- room rates, coffee and BBQ down

3. Proposal from Clarion in Iowa City has been revised- some new changes but concerns the updating will not be complete as promised.

4. Discussed the Pro’s/Con’s of the contracts

5. Discussion on Annual Meeting, Seminar times and months.  By-laws state the voting for nominations to take place in September.

6. Hutchison to check on International rules for Chapter seminars in reference to how close of time they can be to the International Conference.

7. Discussion on interest to combine annual seminar with IASIU (International Association of Special Investigation Units).  Their 2013 conference is in Nebraska.  Discussed the option of combining in 2014 for a day or 2 since a lot of members attend both and will increase numbers too.

8. Also, discussed keeping the Iowa Chapter seminar the same time in 2014.  If we combined with IASIU for 2014, could the Iowa Chapter just have the annual meeting and a one (1) day training? Would it increase numbers for having just a single day event?

9. Motion by Hutchison, 2nd by Spykerman to go with the WDM Marriott for 2014 conference.  Motion passes.  Clark will take care of contract and send copy to O’Connell.

VIII. Committees

1. Financial Review- O’Connell to get with Jon Augustus for audit

2. CFI- Hutchison mentioned he would be a proctor.  There is only one other in the state

3. Historian- Membership down a little.  Waiting on Website to get updated

4. Website- Siembieda to meet with company today.  Siembieda worked to get passwords changed.  If can’t get around current web provider, site will be shut down and a new one started

5. Facebook- Siembieda to work on

6. Constitution/By-laws- Submit changes to the committee.  May is looking to submit some changes that he is seeing.

7. Membership- O’Connell now the committee and reports no new members.

IX. Old Business- none

X. New Business

1. Joint conference with NASFM (National Association of State Fire Marshal’s) for 2015

a. Brought up the Iowa Chapter must control the hotel end because of “Bills”

b. Invite Iowa State Fire Marshal Reynolds to the next Chapter meeting in December


a. Not going with them for 2013 conference

b. Crooks to email them and let them know

3. Mid year meeting for International is in Orlando.  If you commit now to the May Conference, registration fees will be $100-$150 less.  Conference is May 5-10, 2013.

4. May see a name change for the International IAAI.  Would be an official name change.

5. David Sneed is running for open spot on IAAI Foundation against Bill Schmidt

XI. Adjournment

1. The next meeting will be on December 14, 2012, at 10:00 AM, at the DCI Crime Lab in Ankeny

2. Motion by 2nd Vice Nelson to adjourn at 12:25 PM.  2nd by Director Haler.  Motion unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul O’Connell
Iowa Chapter IAAI Inc.