September 18, 2012: Minutes

September 18, 2012 In Minutes

I. Call to Order

The monthly meeting of Officers and Directors of the Iowa Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators was called to order by 1st Vice President Crooks at 1:35 PM at the West Des Moines Marriot, West Des Moines, Iowa.

II. Roll Call

Roll call of Officers and Directors:

Chris Van Vleet – President – Excused
Mark Crooks – 1st Vice President –Present
John Grier – 2nd Vice President –Present
Becky Nelson – Secretary/Treasurer – Present
Greg Siembieda – Director of Investigation – Present
Zach Spykerman – Director of Insurance – Excused
David May – Director of Prosecution -Present
Jeff Haler – Director of Detection – Present
Tony Collins – Director at Large, West – Present
Andrew Burken – Director at Large, East – Present

III. Secretary/Treasurers Report

1. Minutes: Motion by 2nd Vice President Grier and second by Director Haler to accept September meeting minutes.  Motion unanimous.

2. New Members

a. Tim Hostetter, West Des Moines Fire

b. Motion  by Director Collins to accept new member application, second by Director Burken.  Motion unanimous.

IV. Committees

1. Communications

a. Still working to get site  updated.

2. Nominations

a. President – Mark Crooks

b. 1st Vice President – nomination for John Grier

c. 2nd Vice President – nomination for Becky Nelson

d. Secretary/Treasurer – nomination for Mark Dooley, Paul O’Connell

e. Director at Large – West – nomination for John Ticer, Jeff Hutcheson

f. Director of Detection – Jeff Haler (Sectional Meeting)

3. Scholarships

a. No eligible scholarship applications for 2012

V. 2012 Conference

1. Printing

a. Secretary/Treasurer Nelson has taken care of printing.

2. Plaques

a. Plaques have been taken care of by Director Siembieda.

3. Vendors

a. Have six paid vendors displaying this year.

4. Transportation for speakers

a. Chapter will not be paying for rental car for speaker as one of the officers has agreed to pick him up.

5. Registration Packets

a. Director Burken is putting all speakers’ information on flash drive.

b. Director Siembieda is ordering the registration gift.

6. Seminar Procedure

a. Tuesday night speaker – Strait (Secretary/Treasurer will introduce)

b. President’s Reception – Some of the Directors will get supplies for this

c. Wednesday AM – opening ceremonies

i. Display of flags – Director Collins has arranged this.

ii. National Anthem – 1st Vice President Crooks will make sure this is arranged.

iii. Donations will be made to Indianola Fire Department Honor Guard and Friends of Fine Art.

iv. Opening remarks

Jeff Hutcheson – IAAI

ATF JD Underwood


Ray Reynolds

Mike Whitsell

v. Nominations from floor

a. Director Siembieda is the nomination committee chair and will     handle with assistance from Past President Burns.

d. Wednesday Speaker – Glenn Bard (1st VP Crooks will introduce)

e. Wednesday afternoon – sectionals

f. Wednesday night – BBQ – WDM Fire will be bringing corn/hole boards.

g. Thursday AM – speaker – Glenn Bard

h. Annual Meeting

i. Banquet

j. Friday Speaker – Steve Hamers (Director Spykerman will introduce)

k. Test – given by Terry Smith

i. Closing Meeting

VI. 2013 Conference

1. Ames, Iowa, September 24-27, 2013.

VII. 2014 Conference

1. Chairman Clark is continued to work on site selection and bids for 2014.

VIII. Adjournment

1. The next meeting will be on September 19, 2012, at 8:30 AM, at the West Des Moines Marriott.

2. Motion by Secretary/Treasurer Nelson to adjourn at 2:17 PM.  2nd by Director Haler.  Motion unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky J. Nelson
Iowa Chapter IAAI Inc.