July 6th, 2012: Minutes

July 6, 2012 In Minutes

I. Call to Order

The monthly meeting of Officers and Directors of the Iowa Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators was called to order at 10:15 AM at Iowa DCL Lab in Ankeny Iowa.

II. Roll Call

Roll call of Officers and Directors:

Chris Van Vleet – President – Present
Mark Crooks – 1st Vice President –Present
John Grier – 2nd Vice President –Present
Becky Nelson – Secretary/Treasurer – Excused
Greg Siembieda – Director of Investigation – Present
Zach Spykerman – Director of Insurance – Present
David May – Director of Prosecution -Present
Jeff Haler – Director of Detection – Excused
Tony Collins – Director at Large, West – Excused
Andrew Burken – Director at Large, East – Present

Also in attendance: Dennis Chapman

III. Secretary/Treasurers Report

1. Minutes:  Motion by Director Burken and second by Director Spykerman to accept June meeting minutes as taken by Secretary/Treasurer Nelson.  Motion unanimous.

2. Finances

a. No report

3. 1st Vice President Crooks

a. Will be talking to Des Moines County Sheriff Reserves coming up on the topic of Fire Investigation

4. Director of Insurance Spykerman

a. Conducted burn cells at the Minnesota Firefighters Convention.  500 firefighters attended.

IV. Committees

1. Financial Review

a. The Financial Review is being worked on and should be available by the August meeting.

2. Awards

a. Discussion on the Life Member Award.

b. Motions by Director Siembieda and second by Director May to purchase the plaque for the Life Member Award.

c. Discussion about the Fire investigator of the Year Award nominations.

d. Need Nominations for the Presidential Award.

e. Past President Hutcheson will make pen and pencil sets for the Conference Presenters.

3. Communications

a. Director Siembieda had discussions with WebSpec representative about starting the website.  He will forward the documents that need to be updated to WebSpec.

b. Discussion about the need for a contract with WebSpec. Director Siembieda will look into the issue.

c. The letter to the existing webmaster regarding the discontinuation of services will be sent out.

4. Scholarship

a. 2nd Vice President Grier obtained one scholarship application.

b. Motion by 2nd Vice President Grier and second by Director Spykerman to extend the scholarship application to August 1st 2012.  Motion unanimous.

V. 2012 Conference

1. Went of the 2012 Conference activities.

2. Still need test questions and presentation materials from the presenters.

3. Plaques need to be made for retiring board members.

4. Secretary/Treasurer Nelson needs to send Banquet Invitations out by August 18th 2012.

5. Discussion about having a portable embroidery machine to make personalized shirts at the candy store during the conference. Director Siembieda will look into this.

6. Director Siembieda will look into helmet lights for a registration gift for the 2012 Conference.

VI. 2013 Conference

1. 2nd Vice President Grier received information from Secretary/Treasurer Nelson about a crime scene presenter for the 2013 Conference.

2. Past President Hutcheson offered to conduct a report writing class for the Conference.

VII. Good of the Chapter

1. Past President Hutcheson is retiring on the 14th of July 2012.

VIII. Adjournment

1. Will look into holding the next meeting at the West Des Moines Marriott on the 3rd of August .

2. Motion by Director Siembieda and second by 2nd Vice President Grier to adjourn at 11:51 AM.  Motion unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew J. Burken
Director At Large, East
Iowa Chapter IAAI Inc.